Values of K11–K13 are variables. On the Conditional formatting, I want to use the output from those cells in the "Greater than" function. Typing =k11 doesn't work. I'm not really sure on how to do it. I hope you guys can help.


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You just need to type =k$11 instead.


You need to freeze it (lock it down) with $ symbol to turn it full static because Conditional formatting rules are by default arrayformula types meaning if you set a range lets say of ten cells A1:A10 and enter formula =A1=1 then it auto searches for value 1 in every cell of that range. If you set it on just =A1 then cell A1 is compared to cell A1, A2 is compared to A2, A3 to A3, etc. So in order A3 to always look for A1 you need to lock down the row like =A$1.

Therefore, in your case try:


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