I am trying to use a Google spreadsheet to visualize a customer journey.

I am trying to create the following graphic:

enter image description here

I have created the following example spreadsheet:


Any suggestions on how to visualize the customer journey?

I appreciate your replies!


It is doable but your data needs to be reorganized a bit:

cell B16:


cell C16:

 VLOOKUP(B16:B21, FILTER({E2:E13, D2:D13}, B2:B13="Persona 1"), 2, 0), 
 "Website", 1), "Mailbox", 2), "Call", 3)*1)

cell D16:

 VLOOKUP(B16:B21, FILTER({E2:E13, D2:D13}, B2:B13="Persona 2"), 2, 0), 
 "Website", 1), "Mailbox", 2), "Call", 3)*1)

And then your chart can be like:


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  • @Kare vertical values (1, 2, 3) can't be text strings coz charts needs to run on numbers, but there is a workaround... double-click on 2 and set display color to white. then go to Insert > Drawings and add text boxes which you will overlay over the chart – user0 Jul 18 '19 at 19:12

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