I'm a member of Trello team where boards correspond to individual projects, each list under a project corresponds to a type of task. (e.g. bugs, features, etc.), and each card is an individual task. The cards I need to complete are assigned to me.

These cards don't have a set due date, but there is an order of priority for them that's not currently represented in Trello and I'd like to fix that. I'm not sure what method if any I can use to view them in one place and then organize them in that order of priority so I can stay on top of what I need to do.

Is there any way I can view all of the cards assigned to me in one place, and change their order to the order I need to complete them in, regardless of which board or list they come from? Basically, I want to a personal "to do" list of all of the cards I need to complete.

I'm open to using power-ups or third party software to accomplish this.

I'm also open to talking to my project manager and suggesting a completely different method of organizing cards in Trello if what I'm looking to do is going too much against the grain. I will say that I like this particular way of organizing things: I like my conceptual separations to be discrete and represented visually, and using different boards / lists this way accomplishes that in a way that using tags doesn't, even though tags are much more powerful and flexible. However not having a single canonical to-do list is a serious issue.

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