I am trying to build a client area to a website. It's a basic concept, yet I haven't found a simple solution.

What it should look like: It's a password-protected area where each user has their login credentials. Users have to log in to see their private information.

How I hoped it would work: CMS with a control panel where I create my users. I set up custom fields and fill them up with relevant data for each user. These fields get some names.

I create a template for the profile (HTML&CSS) and put variables (names of the fields) where I need to show the corresponding data. A user logs in and sees the data saved in their profile.

I've tried Wordpress where I was hoping to find some plugins for that. Surprisingly, Membership plugins don't usually allow me to show different private data to each user; they are mostly role-based.

And here comes the questions. Does anything like that even exist? Thanks in advance for any help or tips.


OK, a quick update on this – I've found a plugin for Wordpress (WP-Members) that allows me to add extra fields in user profiles, where each field has its shortcode.

I can create pages and place shortcodes where I need to show the corresponding data. That might do the trick.

If anyone knows a better way, I will be happy to hear more, anyway. Thanks, Jana

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