In Google Sheets, how do I get - at the bottom-most cell of a column - the sum of each cell (except for row 1, the header) above in that column? Keep in mind, I may add rows in the future.

  • Thanks "user0". What would it be, for that same case, if I want to sum up the column ONLY if the sum is greater than zero? (I just don't want to see 0's when the column is blank. Also, I would like this to apply on all columns from C onwards, and I want to be able to add rows anywhere, (even before the last row - so, plain SUM function wouldn't fit for me.)) – Bilha Jul 25 at 6:45

There are various ways how to solve this. The most simple would be to use dragging SUM:


Then all you need to do is insert new rows inside of the SUM range so it would automatically expand as needed:


As a next-level move, you can use ARRAYFORMULA with INDIRECT where you can use ROW()-1 to always get the range from A2 cell to the row where this formula resides minus 1 row:



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