I am using Podio and Zapier to do some integrations to Google Sheets. Here are the things I wanted to hopefully happen:

  1. When a Podio app item is triggered (by a field change), It should update the correct row in google sheet with the updated details for that row. If the row is not found, it should add a new google sheet row instead.
  2. If the Podio field is multiple categories, I should still be able to record all values in a single cell.

Here are the current issues that I am facing :

  1. I am unable to make the google sheet rows update when I trigger the zap. It always just creates a new row. Here are my settings on a sample app : https://imgur.com/a/uiGqYYk. And here's my google sheet columns : https://imgur.com/a/BIOgQvg

  2. Multiple choice values are not recording all values chosen in the Podio app. Only the first value is being recorded. How do I get all selected values from a Podio field via a zap?

  3. Calculation fields are not being retrieved at all. I want to retrieve the calculated value of a calculation field from Podio via Zapier. The calculation field is not an available field on my zapier template. Are there any workarounds for this?

I only need to record and update values from Podio to Google Sheets, if you know any alternatives other than Zapier, please share them as well.

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