I'm using a service account to send print requests to cloud print. My issue is that when I share the printer with the service account email, after a while (after the first print it seems) the email is removed from the shared emails' list, and so I can't send any more print requests.

The exact error I am getting after the 1st print:

gcp_log.ERROR: Uncaught Exception Exception: "Not authorized to print on this printer." at /CloudPrintJob.php line 244 {"exception":"[object] (Exception(code: 0): Not authorized to print on this printer. at /CloudPrintJob.php:244)"} []
  • Chrome is updated to the latest version.
  • Printer is configured and working correctly.
  • Cloud print is enabled and the printer is available for use.

I have posted in their community for a few days now but there is no answer. The issue only appeared recently. Any Idea what could be wrong?

If you need any additional information just let me know.

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