I am having an issue with the location data missing from live photos downloaded from Google Photos. The photos are a mix of still shots and live shots however only the live shots are missing the location data. The location data does seem to be present with the files on Google Photos because they show the location as a point on a map in the lower right-hand corner. See screenshot of Google Photos info panel with location data. I can also click on the map which opens a new web page that shows the point in Google Maps and gives the latitude and longitude in decimal degrees. So as far as I can tell the information is being lost somewhere in the download process.

The images are all .heic files on the phone and on Google Photos but when I download them to my computer they are converted into .jpg with the live shots also having a .mov file as well. I am accessing the location and other EXIF data in R using the EXIFR package but I have also checked the EXIF data for the files in File Explorer (right-click file -> Properties -> Details) and I do not see even a spot for the location data in either the .jpg or .mov files. See this screenshot of a still photo (IMG_1591.jpg) with location data and live photo (IMG_1592.jpg and IMG_1592.mov) without a place for location data (IMG_1592 is the same photo shown in the first screenshot with the location data seemingly present on Google Photos).

Does anyone know what is going on and how I can get the location data?

screenshot screenshot

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