Google is able to do simple to medium mathematical calculations but Wolfram Alpha is like Mathematica online. What I would like to do is test the limits, such as what syntax is defined and what is not.

From the examples they have given, let's pick the Engineering Section. It is lacking in my opinion, based on the mathematical functions like solving ordinary differential equations, simple addition and so forth. I cannot understand why they do not have more Engineering examples.

Case Carbon Steel

This returns physical, mechanical and thermal properties (inclusive of thermal conductivity).

But where can I find the extended syntax to know what I can add or not add?

For example I only got this by trial and error: NPS 1 inch steel 25ft.

I know this engine is capable of doing more than I am seeing. I just want to know where is the push more button/section.

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Unfortunately, Wolfram Alpha is not like Mathematica and lacks a formal syntax. Trial and error is the method you use to interact with it. This shortcoming is its most serious flaw and the source of much criticism. (By the way, there is often a "more" link at the upper right of result "pods".)

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