I know that you can send an SMS text from Twitter for all tweets that you get from a specific user. But is it possible to only send texts when a tweet is from a specific user and that also match specific keywords.

I used to use Stringify to do this for me, but they disabled their app starting in June.

I have tried IFTTT and while it does allow me to do this there is a significant lag. I get the texts anywhere between 12 and 24 hours later and some times I don't even get a text.

Does anyone know of a way to do this through Twitter, I already have the Twitter search string that returns what I want, or through some other tool or app?

Thank you for any help or suggestions you can share with me.

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You could use Zapier to automate a task beginning with a Twitter search trigger and ending with an SMS to your mobile. It won't run in real-time , however, they commit to run triggers every 5 to 15 min. (shorter for payed version).

You can have the SMS action part linked with a twitter search trigger. Zapier will run the search trigger every 15 min. If a tweet or tweets get caught in the search, Zapier will send you an SMS about it with links to the tweets.

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