Twitter recently rolled out a redesign of their desktop website interface, and the ability to export and import my block list seems to have been removed. Exporting/importing my block list was useful in archiving or sharing (with my other accounts, or with others' accounts).

Previously, I could view my block list by clicking "Settings and privacy -> Blocked accounts", which led to https://twitter.com/settings/blocked. There was a dropdown-link labeled "Advanced options" that revealed an option to "Export your list", which downloaded as a CSV file of a single column of many numbers (presumably user IDs).

old screenshot

In the new (2019) Twitter interface, I can view my block list by clicking "Settings -> Privacy and safety -> Blocked accounts", which leads to https://twitter.com/settings/blocked/all. There is no tool I see for exporting or importing my block list, only to view all or view imported.

new screenshot

I don't see this data in Twitter's "Settings -> Account -> Your Twitter data" download either.

Navigating to the old URL takes me to the new URL.

Anyone know a way to export my personal block list from Twitter now?

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This facility is "not currently available", unfortunately. Maybe keep an eye on this page:



The feature is still available, though unofficially. Just set up a browser extension switching Twitter to the pre-2019 design:

...and the Import/Export is still there as it was.


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