EDIT 2: Test document. See comment of what I'm trying to accomplish in cell A1. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lqrPbVqSrO257PqOYKLuCTxG1iiLaL6KYawp1hu4n5c/edit#gid=0

EDIT: I've tried this code and it doesn't operate correctly. It highlights some cells, but not all within the range, and doesn't operate the duplicate identification correctly.

=if(and($I5=false), countifs($L:L, L1)>1)

Original post:

I am trying to use conditional formatting to highlight a row when the following conditions are met:

The value of cell $I1="FALSE" (i.e. the box in the cell is unchecked)


The value in $L1 has at least one duplicate value in column L.

I am currently using the following formula to only highlight the duplicate values, but cannot get it to function along with the secondary condition of $I1=FALSE.

For the range K:L (It doesn't allow me to highlight the whole row for some reason)


I also have an additional formatting rule in place that is working as I want it to:


This is highlighting the row a different color once the checkbox in column I is checked.

  • Welcome to Webapps. Please include a sample spreadsheet with what is expected. Aug 9, 2019 at 17:29

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I'm unable to access your spreadsheet, but according with your report the conditional formatting formula that you're looking for is this:


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