I have designed a schedule in Google Sheets that uses emoji to indicate the character of each days activities. They display perfectly in Google Sheets. I want to physically print the sheet but when I try to export to PDF they disappear leaving behind the dreaded crossed boxes. I have also tried to export to HTML and then print the resulting page. This does preserve the emoji but badly breaks the layout on print.

My question is this-- can it be done? Can I print emoji from google sheets or will I have to redo my work in a different program.

  • Hey, seems like an encoding issue, not sure what can be done. Try maybe some picture instead of emojis ? here's an example. You can check for corresponding image at emojipedia.org
    – pjmg
    Aug 6 '19 at 20:58

Try using image instead of emojis?

here's a sample


Links of images come from emojipedia.


I exported the document to excel and it shows the emojis and then they print from there.

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