I have designed a schedule in Google Sheets that uses emoji to indicate the character of each days activities. They display perfectly in Google Sheets. I want to physically print the sheet but when I try to export to PDF they disappear leaving behind the dreaded crossed boxes. I have also tried to export to HTML and then print the resulting page. This does preserve the emoji but badly breaks the layout on print.

My question is this-- can it be done? Can I print emoji from google sheets or will I have to redo my work in a different program.

  • Hey, seems like an encoding issue, not sure what can be done. Try maybe some picture instead of emojis ? here's an example. You can check for corresponding image at emojipedia.org
    – pjmg
    Commented Aug 6, 2019 at 20:58

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Try using image instead of emojis?

here's a sample


Links of images come from emojipedia.


I exported the document to excel and it shows the emojis and then they print from there.

  • This doesn't work in my old version of Excel 2007, but perhaps it does in more recent versions.
    – Simon East
    Commented Oct 7, 2022 at 10:08

if you don't have to choose exact font, emoji containing cells that are formatted with "Inconsolata" or "Sawarabi Mincho" are perfectly exported to PDF.



As I explained in this Answer

  • Export your Sheet as Web page (.Html)

enter image description here

  • Open with a browser and save as a PDF
  • Open the PDF with a PDF editor or Illustrator and delet columns and rows grids

enter image description here


I've reported this as an issue here: https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/241147770

Please vote the issue if you want Google to solve it.

Note: when I use fonr Noto Emoji emojis are printed, but they are not colored.

enter image description here

To use this font select 'More Fonts' option.


The solution for me was instead of choosing to Download PDF via "File > Download > PDF", try the following: "File > Print > Next > Destination > Save As PDF" (click the dropdown showing your printer). This will export with the emojis.

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