API tokens in Slack have been depreciated for a while now. However, you used to be able to acquire one with ease. Now when I try to do that it no longer is allowed and instead sends a message to the admin to allow one. That workflow won't work for us.

The problem here is my team has a few Python scripts that use Slack's API to do things like join new users to hundreds of channels. New channels pop up randomly so we re-run the script to find and join new ones. So the question is, how can we use these scripts if we can't get a token?

I looked into creating a Slack app but that doesn't seem to be what I want. That is what you would do to make a bot or something. I need to be able to have each individual user be able to authenticate and run the script as themselves. How can I do that?

If it is now impossible, what is a better way of joining hundreds of channels? Such as if I want to join all non-archived channels that start with "customer-", how would I do that?

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