I'd like to sum a column of cells if the corresponding cell on the next column contains a string of any sort. I've tried using SUMIF but I can't figure out how to combine it with ISBLANK or ISTEXT.

For example, in this case the function should output 12.

| 5 | x |
| 6 |   |
| 7 | y |

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Here's the formula you need


First parameter :

Range (required) - the range of cells that should be evaluated by criterion.

The formula expects a range. This is why ISTEXT(B1:B3) alone doesn't work because it returns a single Boolean FALSE.

To return a range, you need to use ARRAYFORMULA()
I.E : ARRAYFORMULA(ISTEXT(B1:B3)) returns this

| TRUE | 
| TRUE |

Second parameter :

Criterion (required) - the condition to be met

You choose when a value will be SUM; in this case it's when ISTEXT() returns TRUE

Third parameter :

Sum_range (optional) - the range in which to sum numbers. If omitted, then range is summed.

In our case the range we are testing is different from the range we want to sum.

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