I am trying to set up parental controls for my child's chromebook (Acer R11).

I was a member of a Google Family managed by my brother. So, before starting this process, I removed myself from his family and created a Google Family for my own family. I invited my child to my new Google Family and my child accepted that invitation.

My child already has a Google account, so I am following these instructions: Add supervision to an existing Google Account

Since my child doesn't have an Android device, I need to follow a special process to "add supervision online":

Note: If you want to turn on supervision for your child's Chromebook and your child doesn't have an Android device, you can add supervision online.

I followed these steps to add supervision to my child's account:

  1. While logged onto the Chromebook as my child, I followed the link to add supervision online
  2. Clicked "Get Started" on the first step
  3. Logged in using my child's Google account (same account used for the Chromebook login)
  4. Clicked "Next" on the "What parents can see and do" step
  5. Clicked "Next" on the "How supervision works on your devices" step
  6. The next step states that my child is already in my family group and that my google account will supervise their account. Clicked "Continue".
  7. Clicked "Allow" on the "Allow supervision?" step
  8. The final step states that "Your parent will get an email with instructions on how to finish setting up supervision for your Google Account". Clicked "Close".

I followed these steps to finish the set up:

  1. Opened my email on my Macbook
  2. Clicked on the "SET UP SUPERVISION" link in the email
  3. Clicked "Next" on the "Set up supervision for your child's account" step
  4. Logged in using my Google account credentials

At this point I received the following error message:

Couldn’t set up supervision You need to start a family group to set up supervision for (child's name), but you've already been in 2 family groups. You can only switch family groups once every 12 months.

This error message seems to be claiming that I haven't started a family group and that I can't start a family group because I have already switched family groups once in the last 12 months.

However, I have already started a family group and all previous steps appear to recognize this fact.

I have not been able to find any information about this error. Any help would be much appreciated.

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