I have a sheet in Google Sheets that has several complex formulas that will be used many times over by other sheets. Additionally, improvements are regularly being made to these formulas. As of now, I am painstakingly copying and pasting these formulas to manually update the Google sheet. Is there a way to avoid this?

I had thought of having the respective child sheets reference the corresponding formulas in the would be parent sheet cells but this doesn't yield the desired result-- probably because the formula cells in the parent reference ranges inside of the parent while I want them to contextually refer to the equivalent ranges inside of the child.

In other words: how do I have a cell A1 that references a formula in, say, 'Some Other Sheet'!A1 such that if 'Some Other Sheet'!A1 contains =C1 then A1 gets the value of its own C1 rather than 'Some Other Sheet'!C1?

This question is equivalent to asking about implementing a type of inheritance in Google Sheets.

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