I have a checkbox in my Google Form, which sends the user selections in the form in an ascending order list:


But I want to grab the list in the order of selection, for example if the user clicks in the order of Option 4, Option 1, Option 10 the cell should show Option 4, Option 1, Option 10.

I've tried to do it using Google App Script, but could not get it done. Any help would be much appreciated.

Note: I'm very new to this, so kindly provide a brief explanation.

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  • I've tried to do it via Google App Scripting Show your code, tell us what went wrong specifically (error messages?) – Jan Doggen Aug 13 at 7:40

To preserve the order the selections are made without resorting to another app or creating your own web form (as stated at Rubén's correct answer), another (easier maybe?) alternative would be to:

  1. Add a "Title and description" above the question
  2. Change the type of your question from "Checkboxes" to "Paragraph"

enter image description here


Google Apps Script doesn't have any objects/methods to handle Google Forms view (respondent view) and the order of selection isn't an attribute that is included on the response submission.

If that is a must, then you should look for another app or build your own web form.

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