I'm working on a spreadsheet linked to a google form and I need to generate an ID for specific response. The form has 2 types of entries: New Entry and Update Entry. I need to assign an ID to the New Entries only that is simply the previous New Entry plus 1, ignoring the Update Entries. So in the ID column there's New Entries with ID's 100, 101, 102 and then an Update Entry with an ID of 55. I need the formula to take the 102 ID and increment it by one, but only if the new response is a New Entry. I'm trying to use an array formula, so it'll react automatically to new responses in the form. But I don't know how to get it to self reference based on these conditions.

This is the base of what I'm trying to use
=ARRAYFORMULA({"ID Test";if((D2:D)="New Entry",(F2:F)+1,"")})

  • Hey, can you edit and add a sample or a captur of what you need/expect ? – pjmg Aug 13 at 16:49

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