I've drafted a stacked waterfall chart in Google Sheets, with custom data labels (guided by Ben Collin's tutorial on custom data labels).

My goal is to have the custom data label positioned in the centre of each stack segment.

When using the Value label type, the labels position correctly using Center (Example 1 below).


When I change to Custom label type, the positioning becomes un-centered (Example 2 below).

I've tested to see the following behaviour when using Custom labels:

  • The issue persists when selecting other Position types - i.e. it's not unique to the Center option
  • The issue persists when all segment values are positive (see Example 3 below)


Is this a known issue with Custom data labels? Are there any known fixes / workarounds?

Or will I need to resort to adding text boxes manually positioned over the stack segments to achieve custom, centered data labels?

Example 1 - 'Value' type labels position correctly at center Value labels positioned in centre

Example 2 - 'Custom' type labels position incorrectly

Custom labels positioned incorrectly

Example 3 - Issue persists when all segment values are positive. Custom labels below are not centered. Example 3 - all positive values

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