In Google Docs the Find input field remembers old search terms, seemingly forever.

When you use Command-F (control F) it does two things: it opens the find panel, but it also performs an immediate search and scrolls the document to any first match.

I find this very jarring as it navigates you away from where you are looking or typing and often takes you to an irrelevant old search term you were doing hours ago - before you get the chance to even enter a search term.

I usually then do an Undo-Redo trick (command-Z, shift-command-Z) to repair the problem and return to where I was, to remember what I was going to search for. But if I was just reading the document and didn't make any changes, that doesn't help.

Combined with the fact the search isn't able to auto-fill from the current text selection (like many apps provide) this means you always have to work-around this problem when pasting any search terms into the find box from the document itself. (Like looking for other instances of a term, name or reference you've seen).

I'd have thought pressing command-F should do ONE thing not two. i.e. just open the search field.

Is it possible to disable the "auto search before you've entered the search term"?

Or is it possible to clear the search query, without opening the box? Like a "Find a new term" shortcut.

For now, I'm trying to remember to empty the field when I'm finished searching for the current term. But I usually forget.

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