When I open web.whatsapp.com in Firefox (67.0.4, Win10) the QR code is not loaded. At the same time it does work in Chrome.

What I tried:

  • Reload
  • Clearing the cache
  • switch off add blocker
  • about:config privacy.resistFingerprinting = false

What I found:

  • Also a bug is described here but no solution. Unfortunately bug is closed https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1468870#c11
  • In the browser console I see the following errors: Firefox kann keine Verbindung zu dem Server unter wss://web.whatsapp.com/ws aufbauen. (~Firefox could not establish a connection to server)



I found a solution here: https://www.denniswilmsmann.de/2019/06/whatsapp-web-laedt-nicht-in-firefox/

  • about:config -> set network.http.spdy.websockets=false
  • restart firefox

I experienced this issue after upgrading to Firefox 71 (Ubuntu 18.04 + Firefox 71), https://web.whatsapp.com stopped working, and the QR code don't load either.

Doing a Refresh Firefox worked (click on menu, Help/Troubleshooting Information, then click on Refresh Firefox...).

Also tried settings this options in about:config but it didn't work for me.

network.http.spdy.websockets = false
privacy.resistFingerprinting.autoDeclineNoUserInputCanvasPrompts = false

The same problem appeared on gentoo+kde+firefox 71. For me is solved by disabling proxy for socks as described here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/594695/whatsapp-web-qr-code-not-loading-on-chrome-firefox-on-ubuntu-14-04

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