When using Gmail at work we process incoming job requests through the following sequence of labels: Job Requests > Jobs in Progress > Jobs Completed.

In our setup job request emails are automatically filtered to the 'Job Request' label when they arrive. This label displays the number of unread emails within (Very Useful).

In the second step we respond to the job request email and manually move them to the 'Jobs in Progress' label until the job is completed. My question is there any way to make the 'Jobs in progress' label display the total number of emails labeled rather than the number unread?

The 'Jobs in Progress' label is always 0 as we respond to each email before moving it to this label. However, if we could have this label display the total number of emails rather than the unread total, it would be an indication of how many jobs are currently in progress. (This would be super useful.)

I've seen this question posted a number of years ago without success, so I was wondering if anyone had any useful updates since then. Also, if there is an add-on or some script I'm not opposed to using that.

If anyone knows a Google Gadget that covers this it would be great!

  • "I've seen this question posted a number of years ago without success" Where? We don't want to cover the same ground. – ale Aug 21 '19 at 17:39
  • Hi Ale, the question was on Stack Exchange about 8 years ago. Question title: Is there a way to display the number of messages for any label in the Gmail label list? there are some solutions put forward but they're not ideal and i was wondering if any better solutions have arisen since? I appreciate the help – RyanB12321 Aug 22 '19 at 19:08

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