For example, if I have already added 30 YouTube videos:

Section 01 - 01 Intro
Section 01 - 02 What will be covered
Section 18 - 01 Conclusion

And 2 days later, I add another video, with the title

Section 12 - 03 Calculation methods

Now, this video can be chosen to be "added to the playlist" when I upload the video. And it will be added to the end of the list.

To move it to the proper place, I have to drag and drag, to the middle of the list, or move it to the front, and drag and drag, to the list at the proper place, and it is not easy because right now, when you drag it up, the screen won't scroll, and so you have to rest it at a temporary place, and then, scroll the list, and move again, and repeat again and again.

Is there simply a way to say: "add it to the list according to the title"? That is, if the title of the video is "Section 12 -03 ...", then simply add it to after the video titled "Section 12 - 02 ...". Is it possible?

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