I have an email address of my own very small business domain (A) forwarding to my personal gmail account (B) so I only access it, and send as, inside my personal gmail (B).

How do I separate all email related to that domain inside my personal gmail?

I'd like an overview of everything without being distracted by my personal email. (Possibly some kind of folder or label so I can save a shortcut to it.)


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In the page where you specify the outside mail link, you can also specify a label to attach to all the email, you can also specify that you want it to skip the inbox.

To make it easy to see those emails you can then use the multiple inboxes. You enable that through settings/advanced; then you are given a new tab in the settings, and can specify the label you want to include in one of the sections.

If you decide to keep the ingested email in the main inbox, you can then make the label standout by picking an appropriate color.


I find a mail client on my pc and mobile a better solution. I use thunderbird on my pc and fairmail on my mobile.

They can both handle

  • multiple accounts,
  • with individual signatures
  • and individual folders.
  • When I reply to an email, they give me a choice about which account to use.
  • I can different colours on fairmail and I use unicode icons as part of my account name in thunderbird.

I have thunderbird set up as pop, because I want the repository on my desktop. And I have fairmail set up as imap.

Download Thunderbird here

Download Fairmail here

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