I am needing to add two weeks on to date in a separate column.

In one column (A) I have the "Date Requested" and in the next column (B) I have "Due Date" I need the due date column to have the "Date Requested + 2 weeks" (only weekdays). I know the formula to just put it in the cell, but I am having trouble putting it into the Data Validation option so that I do not have to keep copying the formula every time I insert a new row.

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    pls share a copy of your sheet – user0 Aug 30 at 17:29
  • Difficult to understand. Give an example. – contributorpw Aug 30 at 17:29
  • try this ARRAYFORMULA:

     TEXT(A2:A+NETWORKDAYS(A2:A, A2:A+14), "dd/mm/yyyy"), ))


  • or perhaps this one:

     IF(REGEXMATCH(TEXT(A2:A+14, "ddd"), "[^(Sat|Sun)]"), A2:A+14, 
     IF(REGEXMATCH(TEXT(A2:A+13, "ddd"), "[^(Sat|Sun)]"), A2:A+13, 
     IF(REGEXMATCH(TEXT(A2:A+12, "ddd"), "[^(Sat|Sun)]"), A2:A+12))), 
     "dd/mm/yyyy"), ))


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