I know Page numbers are available as a part of Google Docs.

By Selecting Insert > Page number from the file menu.

But How can I add footer page number start with a number greater than 1 on the first page, for example in a doc called chapter 2:

  • The first page should start with number 44.
  • All next pages should follow that, like 45, 46, 47 .. etc.

Is that something doable in Google Doc? even by a workaround?

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Here, Finally, I found this:
"Workaround for Google Docs Page Numbering Problem to Start from a Specific Number" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cGSqiKZ3wI

Simply just create a word that contains paging start from a specific number and then upload it to Google drive.
That's it.

You can use https://writer.zoho.com/writer

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