What is the correct capitalization of the webapp "gmail"? In plain text on the Google site it is referred to as Gmail, but the logo suggests GMail. I have also seen on this site gmail or even gMail.

Is there a canonical capitalization?

Screenshot of Gmail capitalization on mail.google.com


Internally at Google we have flip flopped between GMail and Gmail, but we've settled on the latter. Gmail it is.


According to the help documentation, it's "Gmail":

enter image description here


It is newspaper editors and journalists that sweat the most over details like this, so I think this is off topic.

That said, a quick search of Google News shows most (all?) news outlets writing "Gmail"

The logo has a capital M solely because they wanted to fit an envelope icon into the logo.

  • Of course, if you pay attention to my local news station, I use an Iphone. *shudder* Jul 4 '10 at 19:23

Since it was even called Google mail for a long time in a few places, I'd say Gmail!

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