Generally speaking, unless I'm searching on YouTube, I don't want to see anything unless it's on my subscription list. Is there any interface that allows for more efficient navigation based on subscriptions?

I would ideally like to tag the subscription. I have over a hundred of them.

Basically, I have

  • News,
  • Computer/IT/Programming
  • Mindless Entertainment
  • Music

Anything that groups them together is useless. I just something like a multireddit for YouTube. I see I'm not the only one requesting this either. Is there anything like this that runs on Linux? Or, functions in a browser interface?

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Some solutions may be,

  • Subscribe to YouTube channels via RSS and use your RSS feed reader to handle grouping, tagging etc.

  • Use PocketTube (available for Firefox, Chrome, Android and iOS). It does not seem to be free software although the Firefox version claims it is released under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.

  • Create a Google account for every category of interest and use Firefox Multi-Account Containers to use these accounts simultaneously. Then visit YouTube via the subscription feed instead of the homepage or use the bell icon to only see your subscriptions.

  • FreeTube (“The Private YouTube Client”) will have profiles that let you quickly switch between lists of subscriptions in version 0.7.0.

Extra: In github, see this feature request for invidio.us and this pull request for NewPipe.

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