How do I forward an email from a folder/label in Gmail?
I have googled this question, checked similar questions, but can only see answers related to forwarding folders.
I can only see options to archive, delete, snooze & mark as read/unread.

  • So sorry, just found out I should have actually opened the email first. Sep 2, 2019 at 0:43
  • Welcome. I hope I understood your question right. I think that when you refer to folders, you mean Labels. Also, as per site guidelines when an answer addresses your question, you should accept it so others can benefit as well -. (Why vote?) Sep 2, 2019 at 0:44

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You are correct. These are the options given when you look at the left hand side on the top of the Inbox or your message.

enter image description here

You have to look somewhere else.
You have to open your message and click the 3 little horizontal dots found on the top, right hand corner of the message.


You can also find the Forward action on the bottom of your message.

enter image description here

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