When I try to use LiveChat or TopChat on the web page of a Youtube video, it can be too fast.

It shows so many new messages, with a high frequency, that I can not follow my own one to one conversation. It is not just hard to follow without practice; I see no way how somebody else could do it. When I have finished a single line answer to somebody, the message I answer is already scrolled out of sight. And I can hardly spot his answer in the lines scrolling by, when I do not know when it will show up.

But the high rate of messages means that there are people using the chat. How do they do it?

Maybe there are no one to one communications? But the same is true for answering a one to many communication.

It may be related to using a different client - but I do not see how. I could imagine using a different chat client with much more complex UI, maybe using a bridge to another protocol.

How do they use the chat?
Can I do it too?

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