I have a Google Sheets spreadsheet (sheet 1) which I use as source for a function to split a row into several rows in a results worksheet (sheet 2).
The split function divides the row when it finds commas in column F.
I'd like to split the time duration in column O by the number of splits performed by the function in column F and this way calculate the accurate time spent in each operation.

Source sheet: source sheet

Results worksheet: results sheet


function extract(range, colToSplit, delimiter) {
var resArr = [], row;
range.forEach(function (r) {
    r[colToSplit-1].replace(/(?:\r\n|\r|\n)(\d|\w)/g," , ").split(delimiter)
        .forEach(function (s) {
            row = [];
            r.forEach(function (c, k) {               
                row.push( (k === colToSplit-1) ? s.trim() : c);
return resArr;}

Any help is highly appreciated.



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