I have a sheet that has a list of job names, and then the last failure and success of each job. The dates are listed with duration words instead of dates, ie 1 mo 12 days or 3 days 6 hr.

I want to highlight a row if either the last success OR the last failure was over a year ago. This means highlighting the row if column B or column C contains the text yr.

Example data:

job A | 1 yr 2 days | 1 day
job B | 2 mo 1 day  | 1 yr 3 days
job C | 1 day       | 1 mo 2 day

In this case I'd want to highlight rows 1 and 2 as both contain a date over a year old.

I tried the following formulas:

=OR($B2="yr", $C2="yr")
# doesn't recognize "yr" - presumably this is an absolute match

=OR($B2=".*yr.*", $C2=".*yr.*")
# attempted to add wildcards but it's not matching anything

The formula works great if I do an absolute match, ie 1 day will highlight rows 1 and 3, but doesn't work with pattern matches. What am I missing?


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Second entry is a JS regular expression. You can build it with a tool like regexr.

  • Ahhh, I somehow never saw regexmatch - that did it! Thanks!
    – Alex
    Sep 5, 2019 at 12:44

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