I used to be able to load up the Gmail site using Chrome and have it simply start with my account name by default and with the password login field blank.
Now, since my most recent cache clear (7/30/19 and ever since), I am instead presented with a login option, that afterwards always defaults to the Google chooser.
I don't want this, and I have tried everything to reset it (including deleting the accounts from the chooser and using opt-out cookies). Using older version of some browsers - firefox, for example - will bring up the same simple login screen as before, and I managed to kludge it back a few days ago for a while through a combination of cache and cookie clears. I loathe the Google chooser, have no other accounts on my home system, but do not want to be logged in 24/7 automatically for security reasons.

How can I restore the login to previous state permanently?

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