I am trying to IMPORTRANGE if the condition in column1 that is text formated ( Column1 = September 4, 2019 alas 5:10 pm ) contains the word September.

I am using the following formula. The other columns work fine because they contain just a single word. Since column 1 is not a single word it doesn't work. How can I use a condition that contains September?

=QUERY(IMPORTRANGE("https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YcJh57OVzaeUfHhR-xHmvYums1KIwrbGYoRouXAE7k8/edit#gid=661495879", "Leads!A2:L30000"),"SELECT Col2 WHERE ((Col9 = 'Peugeot') OR (Col10 = 'Peugeot')) AND (Col14 = 'Septiembre')")


From https://developers.google.com/chart/interactive/docs/querylanguage#where

contains - A substring match. whole contains part is true if part is anywhere within whole. Example: where name contains 'John' matches 'John', 'John Adams', 'Long John Silver' but not 'john adams'.

Other alternatives are to use matches with a regular expression and like which supports two wildcards, % (zero on more characters) and _ (anyone character). Please read the above reference for details.


Working with dates within a query can become quite tricky.

Use the FILTER function outside the query to filter your query according to date as an alternative solution.

Suppose your dates column in Leads!A2:L30000 is column O. Then, your formula will become:

=filter(QUERY(IMPORTRANGE("1YcJh57OVzaeUfHhR-xHmvYums1KIwrbGYoRouXAE7k8", "Leads!A2:L30000"),"SELECT Col2 WHERE ((Col9 = 'Peugeot') OR (Col10 = 'Peugeot'))"), Leads!O2:O30000 >= DATE(2019,9,1), Leads!O2:O30000 <= DATE(2019,9,30))

This way we filter our query results to just the month of September 2019.



Col14 matches 'September'


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