We have a Google Group that accepts email from any external address. It's important that we receive legitimate emails sent to that group in a timely fashion but we just encountered another example of a message that got stuck in moderation.

My first question is why was the message moderated in the first place? Under the "Moderation" settings for the group both "Moderate all messages to the group" and "Moderate messages from non-members..." are NOT enabled. Yet this message was flagged for moderation.

My second question is that we added several domains to our approved sender list within GSuite in our Gmail settings, yet Groups still classified a message from one of these domains as SPAM. Shouldn't the approval list apply to all inbound messages, even those sent to the Group? Why does Google Groups (within our G Suite account) classify an email as SPAM if the sender's domain matches an existing approved domain?

  • Your question will do better if you separate your separate concerns into distinct question posts. – ale Sep 6 '19 at 4:04

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