I used to be able to publish subtitles using different accounts under the same Gmail.

YouTube requires ~5/6 YouTube accounts to confirm a draft before publishing the subtitles, but I can no longer publish subtitles using the same gmail account. Is it just some problem with my accounts or the mechanism changed?

Can anyone confirm?
What's the current requirement for publishing subtitles?
Is there a way to publish subtitles as a viewer with only 1 Gmail account now?

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  • @Mokubai I know in theory it can be considered spam but I'm really making the subtitles and this verification process had been working. I'm just really asking and wondering if others also experienced the same issue? – wada Sep 9 at 14:33
  • I have not seen a single spam subtitles because even when one can verify his own work, it takes times to switch accounts and other viewers can easily spot the problem and also change the subtitles and verify it quickly, so this can't be an effectively way to spam people. // I verified subtitles myself because smaller channels have only a few contributors. It takes very, very long for people to come across, verify and publish it. // Anyway, I'm really asking the technically aspect of it, did the mechanism changed? – wada Sep 13 at 15:27

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