I am looking for a way to print a Google Doc template for all members of Google OU, merging name, surname & email address.

Is there some existing functionality I should I write a Google App Script? In the latter case, I could list members data in a Google Sheet and iterate through rows, replacing data in the document and printing.

For instance (pseudocode)

- get list from google sheets
- foreach member in list
--- replace data in template
--- print

Any better idea?

  • Google Apps Script doesn't print directly but it could call an API of a service that do it. P.S. On this site questions please avoid using phrases like "Any better idea" because it could make the question be closed as primarily-opinion based. Instead add a brief description of your search/research efforts and make an specific question. Side note, have you already look for an add-on that does the merge? – Rubén Sep 25 at 15:16

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