I want to link a Google Sheets sheet with a form and pre-populate some of the data from the sheet into the form using this formula:

=HYPERLINK("form URL entry.ID="&A1&"&entry.ID,"Link")

The ID has to be a numerical value/address of the response field in the form but I don't know how to generate the number to paste into my formula.

How can I generate this number?

  • Are you looking for =IMPORTRANGE ? Don't forget to update your answer by adding a sample sheet or situation vs expected result. – pjmg Sep 10 at 9:27
  • Welcome. Do you have a form yet, do you have a spreadsheet yet? I ask this because there is no such thing as a "field" in Google forms, and I wonder how much research you have done. This topic - Populate a Google Form responses from a Google Spreadsheet,demonstrates that pre-populating is possible, but it is not necessarily a trivial matter. However the links and references to work done by @Mogsdad are well worth reading and understanding. – Tedinoz Sep 11 at 2:45
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