I'm looking for a Web Application \ Browser add-on that will supply basic CRM capabilities, with good integration with Gmail

Basically the main feature would be to track conversations, but unlike regular Gmail conversations it should allow:

  • group several Gmail threads to a single "meta-conversation"
  • allow adding notes or other information (preferably with structured forms for tasks, phone calls, etc.) to the thread
  • allow editing the notes I added

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I don't think it's very close integration, but Zoho CRM does kind of do Gmail integration. That said, I used Zoho for a while and didn't get on too well with it.


I'm a fan of 37Signals, and while I'm not subscribed to Highrise, I understand that it integrates well with email (in the general sense - it probably doesn't take advantage of specific Gmail features). Here's a link I found that may be helpful: http://highrisehq.com/emaildropbox

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