I have a countif formula that gathers information from another sheet.

=SUM(COUNTIFS(test!A:A,{"Story","Task"},test!D:D,{"In Progress"}))

The sheet is named test.

Is there any way I can write test in another cell and reference it in the formula?

Eg: Cell A3 = test

=SUM(COUNTIFS(A3!A:A,{"Story","Task"},A3!D:D,{"In Progress"}))

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The function to use is INDIRECT

So A3=test will be =indirect("A"&"3")
That is because INDIRECT returns the cell reference using the two parameters concatenated by &.

In your formula A3 becomes the first parameter and A:A the second, resulting to:

              (indirect(A3&"!"&"D:D"),{"In Progress"}))

You can read more about INDIRECT.

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