Ive got a spreadsheet with 3 columns A, B, C, i want to add the 3 columns together in column E, if there is a value in column C, i want the summed number to be shown in red.

If there is a value in column C, there will not be a value in column B and visa versa, so the logic for the conditional formatting will be something like =if(not(isblank(C2)), , )

What im struggling with is how to use the above if statement as part of a conditional formatting rule inside of Google sheets, as when i try to paste it in the conditional formatting wizard it dose not work.

Ive created a screenshot of what I've tried so far below, as-well as a link to the Google sheet HERE. If you would like to experiment with the Google Sheet, please make a copy using file > make a copy.

Any ideas ?

screenshot of the conditional formatting window shown trying to use the above code


Use the custom formula =NOT(ISBLANK(C2))

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