My school board uses outlook.office.com.
We also use Google Classroom among teachers.
So, we have an email (e.g. Bob.John@bestschoolboardever.com) that we check on outlook 365. We use the same email to connect to Google Classroom.

Emails sent to Bob.John@bestschoolboardever.com appear in outlook.office.com's inbox but never in gmail even though it's the same email.
a) I can send emails to myself and others from gmail and outlook;
b) I can only receive emails in outlook.office.com.

Problem to solve:
I'd like to manage my mail in gmail instead of outlook so that:
a) everything integrates better with Google Classroom and other Google apps;
b) I can use filters and commands I know in gmail to better manage my emails.

Since it's the same email, I can't simply go to gmail and ask it to fetch email from the same account. Likewise, I can't transfer emails from outlook.office.com to itself.

What could I do or recommend my school board do?

Thank you

  • Welcome. What is your Gmail address? It is never mentioned. Could it be Bob.John@gmail.com or....... what? – marikamitsos Sep 24 '19 at 22:51

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