I attempted to add a web-link to a specific experience entry (i.e. job role) on my profile on LinkedIn and now I want to remove it, but I can't see where to delete when editing that experience entry.

After adding the link to the experience entry and saving, I found the way LinkedIn presented this link to be clunky. The link appears as a image placeholder (like a framed pastel 'sail boat' image ), clicking on it enlarges it as an overlay and the web-link is beneath it.

Ideally, I was hoping that LinkedIn would display a thumbnail of my link and clicking on it beneath the experience entry would go direct to the website I wanted to link to.

But this was not the case as outlined. So I decided to delete the link and instead put it in the text description for the experience entry. But I could not find anywhere to delete the link when editing the experience entry.

A search for how to do this only provided how to delete media from the About section, not a specific individual experience entry. https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin/answer/34325/adding-editing-and-removing-media-samples-on-your-profile?lang=en

The only way I could remove it was to delete the entire experience entry and re-enter it. Somewhat inconvenient!

Any ideas as to how to delete a media item or link from an individual specific experience entry (job entry) in LinkedIn?

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