I don't understand why SUMIFS function works with some columns in the same worksheets and for others it doesn't. This is my formula:


where EURO, AGENZIE, ABN AND MESI1 are the name of some columns in the same sheet. The formula is needed to add the values in the EURO column when the condition in others columns is that they are equal to ABN (AGENZIE) and month is January (MESI1=01). Column AGENZIE had other values, and when they are used instead of ABN the formula seems to work.

My question is: how is it possible that the same formula works depending on the value I use as condition?
I don't get any error, only the result is zero when it should be <>0.
Thanks for helping me solve this problem

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    Welcome. Please share the link to a test sheet so as to see the issue and try to solve it. Commented Sep 29, 2019 at 18:30

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You need to specify the range properly, not call it "Euro" or "Agenzie" but "A:A", and "B:B" say. Then it all works fine. Have a look at the definition of SUMIFS in the documentation.

This is the formula that should do:


Below is a screenshot of what I understand you're trying to achieve: enter image description here

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