I'm trying to copy and paste an excel formula I use to categorize data into Google Sheets and struggle as the formula doesn't work.

I have two sheets:

The Referral sheet contains all the referral sources such as google etc. The Categories Sheet contains all the categories that I want to use and the sources within them.

So the categories sheet is formatted as follows:

Column A     Column B  
Source       Categories  
*google*     Search 
*facebook*   Social Media 

I thereby use the * as a fuzzy search within an url.

In excel I use the following formula that works


Can you help me on how I need to re-write it that it also works for Google?


The problem with your Excel's formula is that AGGREGATE is not a Google Sheets function. While both apps belongs to the same "family" and there are a lot of common functions / features there are other that are unique to each app.

Maybe QUERY could work for you



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