We have Employee training data in a Google 'Form Response' spreadsheet which ranges from A1 to JQ1000. This spreadsheet is automatically populated when a Google Form is completed but it is difficult to look at so I want to tidy it up.

The Form Response spreadsheet is populated with the Training Event, the date of the event and the employees who attended that event.
To tidy it up I thought it best to use Transpose&Query but some employees name might appear several times in different columns and different rows.
I don't want to have to write 'Select * WHERE C = 'David Bowie' OR D = 'David Bowie' OR E = 'David Bowie'" and so on out to column JQ.

Can someone help me with a simpler formula?

  • Hello @McChief, can you edit your question and provide us more details, or some sample data for us to better understand your problem. Thanks ! – pjmg Oct 9 '19 at 8:44
  • Please share a copy of your spreadsheet (excluding any private or confidential data), and ensure that it includes an example of a successful outcome. – Tedinoz Oct 12 '19 at 4:52

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