Is it possible to extract a business's phone number from the address? I know there are scripts that can be made to extract things like ZIP code from address, but I figured since Google organizes the data for a business (see picture), there might be a way to pull that information in sheets.

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    Hi Allan, would you be able to make your question a little more specific? My understanding reading it is that you are trying to find a way to find a business' phone number based on an address. You have addresses in a Google Sheet - but nothing else. And you are wondering whether it's possible and how so to use information available on the web to find the phone number. One idea you've had is to search the address on Google and then scrape the phone number returned. But really you are method agnostic and just want to return a phone number for an address. Correct? – Cornelius Roemer Oct 5 at 12:18
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    One fairly quick solution would be to find an API that returns a phone number if you post an address. That can easily be implemented within Google Sheets (i.e. you put the addresses in Google Sheet, call the API from Google Apps Script, return the results into a new column of the sheet). But you'd probably have to pay for each API call. Simplicity costs. Here's an example API microservice: searchbug.com/api/phone-name-address-email.aspx – Cornelius Roemer Oct 5 at 12:22
  • Hey Corenelius, thanks for your response. Yea I'm thinking of some sort of API call that can be implemented with google scripts. I drew the parallel with pulling the zip code from the address because I've seen many google app scripts doing just that for free. I posted the screenshot to show that Google does automatically recognize business addresses,, and creates a phone "pairing". I was wondering if there is something I could call directly from Google – Allan Oct 7 at 15:33
  • You can use this API from Google: developers.google.com/places/web-service/details It's paid tho – Kos Oct 9 at 20:46

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