I'm making a class diagram in draw.io 8.3.16 in MSIE 11.1392.16299.0 .

I use the UML shape "Class 5" and put inside it an "Item 1". I click and start typing text.

Sometimes my text ends up with a large vertical offset at the beginning. (I refer to the large empty vertical space between the dotted blue line and the text in the screenshot below.) I can't figure out what's causing it, and once it happens, how to get rid of it.

The text I happen to be typing is a comma-separated list of field names that is wider than the Class. But I can often do this without getting this mysterious vertical offset. My text doesn't match the suggested "+ field: type" syntax which I find wasteful given that I used Hungarian notation anyway and types are apparent. It's possible that the error is only happening with the initial "Items"

enter image description here

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